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Nurturing Your Sweet Little One Love, Attention, & Quality Care In Their Happy Place

At A Perfect Start, we have a fantastic range of learning programs available for children designed to support their exact stage of development.

6 Weeks - 12 Months

Infant (Cuddlers)

In our infant program, our experienced teachers will coordinate with you to give your baby exceptional care in a loving, nurturing environment. Your insight into your baby’s schedule and personality help teachers develop the right care plan for your child to grow and thrive.

Our wonderful teachers spend the day cuddling, talking, singing, and interacting with your baby in a calm atmosphere to gain their trust and help them feel secure. To support you, teachers work to maintain the schedule you provide.

At this stage, your baby will have a primary caregiver that will give them one-on-one support to ensure that they receive all the attention they need in order to develop at the right pace. From their learning to their necessities, they never go without the support they need from a professional who truly gets to know them.

Babies of similar ages will play together to build essential social skills as they observe and interact with others. Teachers model sharing and classroom manners as they supervise play with age-appropriate toys and educational materials.

Benefits Of This Program:

Baby Sign Language To Reduce Their Frustration

Baby signing gives your baby a way to express themselves before they can verbally communicate. Teachers practice basic signs daily to build a small sign-language vocabulary that your baby can use to communicate their needs.

Daily Time Outside For A Healthy Start

Every day, your baby enjoys the chance to connect with nature, move, crawl, and roll in a safe and comfy outdoor environment. They have their daily dose of fresh air and interact with their little friends in the great outdoors.

Secure Premises Offer You Peace Of Mind

Never worry about your baby’s safety with measures that include a fenced-in yard, restricted-access entrance controls, and CCTV cameras that keep an eye on everything. You feel confident that your child is safe and secure at all times.

Your Baby’s Teachers Are Trained And Vetted

All teachers are CPR-certified, and all teachers and staff undergo a rigorous state and federal background check before employment. Your baby only receives their care from the best of the best.

Your Parent App Will Keeps You In The Loop

The ProCare Engage© app means you get adorable photos and videos, important updates, and parenting resources. You stay updated with a baby board that documents your child’s activities throughout the day, including feedings, tummy time, and diapering.

For Your Convenience, We Provide:

  • Diapers & Wipes

  • Formula

  • Healthy Purées

  • Healthy Solids

  • Cozy Blankets

  • Classroom Supplies

Nursing moms, drop by and breastfeed your baby any time! If you can’t stop in, dedicated refrigerated storage keeps your milk fresh at hand. All babies have their own storage space for milk, formula, food, diapers, and wipes.

Waddlers (12-18 Months) & Steppers (18-24 Months) Have Their Own Classrooms, With:

  • Fun, age-appropriate learning materials

  • Toys that meet their developmental needs

  • Playgrounds to perfectly suit their age level

  • Climbers & indoor activities that build skills

12 - 24 Months

Waddlers & Toddlers

We are thrilled to provide family-focused care that puts you first! With a decade of childcare experience, our teachers know how to tend to your child’s needs as well as yours! Professionalism, a warm, caring environment, and trusted parent-teacher partnerships make you feel confident and comfortable.

At this stage, your child’s teachers will model positive behaviors like respect and empathy. Your little one learns to share, take turns, use appropriate manners when giving and receiving, mind their peers’ personal space, and respect their environment by tidying up toys and materials.

Your child will learn about themselves and others through faith-based activities. Weekly chapel and bible stories help with moral development and teach them how to operate with love and kindness as they navigate the world.

Children also enjoy regular playtime outside to stretch their muscles, waddle, toddle, and connect with nature. They love buggy rides and blanket time on the grass as they build vital motor skills discovering and mastering new abilities in the great outdoors.

Benefits Of This Program:

Fun With Phonics Gets Them Ready To Read

Teachers use the Abeka® phonics program to lay a strong foundation for reading and writing, starting with sounding out letters. They use silly songs, word patterns, nursery rhymes, fingerplays, and stories to make every new skill exciting.

Combining Curricula To Build Strong Minds

Every day, your baby enjoys the chance to connect with nature, move, crawl, and roll in a safe and comfy outdoor environment. They have their daily dose of fresh air and interact with their little friends in the great outdoors.

Daily Dance, Spanish & More Enrich Learning

Spanish and baby signing lessons help your child’s communication skills grow by leaps and bounds, while dance gets them moving and grooving their way to self-expression and healthy development.

Secure Premises For Your Peace Of Mind

Your child stays safe and sound from drop-off to pick-up with a securely fenced yard, restricted access doors, and an internal CCTV system that keeps an eye on everything as it happens.

Your Child’s Safety Is A Top Priority

You know your child is safe with CPR-certified teachers who are all vetted with state and federal background checks before employment. You are confident that your little one is in the hands of only the best.

Breakfast, Lunch, And Snacks Included In Tuition

Your child gets a great start on lifelong healthy eating habits with delicious, nutritious meals and snacks provided daily at no additional cost. An on-site cook prepares your child’s food in a nut-free environment according to the latest state guidelines.

3 - 4 Years

Threes (Builders)

A decade of experience catering to the needs of children and their families paired with open communication and honest dialogue means you feel happy, comfortable, and included in your child’s learning journey.

We want to ensure that you feel heard and welcome in a loving, nurturing space where parents and teachers communicate and collaborate. A decade of experience catering to the needs of both children and families means child care you can rely on.

At this stage, your child will learn to show respect to others, practice empathy, and use compassion. Teachers are passionate about showing your child how to build healthy relationships, express and manage their emotions, and take pride in a tidy appearance and classroom.

A focus on faith-based activities helps your child learn right from wrong. Weekly chapel and bible stories led by kind, caring adults help your child develop and establish a moral code that stays with them through life.

Benefits Of This Program:

Trusted Curriculums For Diverse Learning

Sensory, hands-on activities with Frog Street©, project-based Investigators Club® curriculum, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) activities help build problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Dance, Art, Spanish & Music Included In Tuition

Your child participates in exciting activities like Spanish and dance that keep them active, inspired, and engaged. Included at no extra cost, enrichments like these add variety to their day, improve communication skills, and allow them to practice self-expression.

Outdoor Play Keeps Kids Active & Healthy

Every day, your child runs, jumps, and explores the great outdoors. Climbing frames, a lush garden, a basketball court, and bike tracks give them options and keep them moving, active, and physically fit.

Fun Field Trips That Broaden Their Horizons

Your child experiences the fun, exhilarating outdoors with trips to the botanical gardens and pumpkin patches. Publix grocery store, Santa’s Village, and the children’s museum are all firm favorites and back on the agenda once it’s safe.

4 - 5 Years

Pre-K (Learners)

Work with us and feel supported by a team of caring professionals dedicated to ensuring your little learner receives a quality early education. A decade of experience and a commitment to excellence promises high standards you can trust.

At this stage, your child will develop the tools to help them navigate the classroom now and guide them in interpersonal relationships down the line. Teachers model behaviors like sharing, turn-taking, self-expression and self-advocacy, independence, and empathy. Your child practices dressing and undressing for the potty, hygiene skills like handwashing, gathering and tidying their supplies, and unpacking and packing their bag and lunchbox. These skills prepare them to be confident and independent when they enter kindergarten.

Weekly chapel and bible stories guide and support your child’s moral development and teach them about love and positivity in a faith-centered way. Teachers model good behavior, and children practice amongst each other.

Benefits Of This Program:

Exciting Learning For Kindergarten Readiness

Tap into their natural curiosity with the InvestiGator Club® curriculum and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) daily activities. Children build critical thinking and problem-solving skills that ensure they’ll sail into school.

Dance, Music, Spanish & Art Keep Each Day Exciting

Broaden your child’s horizons with exciting enrichments that support their learning. Spanish, dance and more keep them curious for knowledge, bring out their personality, and give them something new to look forward to each day.

Fun Outdoor Play Keeps Children Physically Active

Your child enjoys playtime outside to develop essential motor skills, socialize with friends, and release energy every day. They tend to lush gardens and test their growing abilities on a basketball court and fun bike tracks.

Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, & Snacks Included For You

Children enjoy a nutritious and delicious breakfast, lunch, and snacks at no extra cost every day. An experienced and professional on-site cook prepares everything according to state guidelines in a nut-free environment.

Field Trips Take Kids On Exciting Journeys

Your child gets to explore the outdoors and visit places like the botanical gardens and pumpkin patches. They also love visits to the Publix grocery store, Santa’s Village, and the children’s museum, which we’re excited to resume soon!

Alabama First Pre-K

We’re Proud To Offer Your Family STATE FUNDED High-Quality Pre-K To Prepare Them For School

Program runs Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM during the school year.

Classes meet & exceed standards set by the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education

Activities include:

  • Science

  • Problem Solving

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Music & Movement

  • Fun Indoor & Outdoor Activities

  • Kindergarten Readiness

Meals Served Daily:

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • PM Snack

  • Music & Movement

4600 Bob Wallace Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35805

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